When the sea waves fought, turned and came stong. He Did

When life challenges came alive and needed somebody to be there. He did. Avail

When everybody ran away, changed and turned their backs on the brother but he kept on being one. He did. Love

When the family needed him the most. In difficult times to care. He did. Reaches. Calls

When my heart needed somebody to mend it and tell me life is about getting back standing. He did

Brings the light in my life. The spark inside. I respect the brother that shares, Hopes. He did adventures with the little he got

Even on my downfalls, He would give me the hand, pulled me through. Out the Mud. When the battles. Saoks.

Challenges, He stood boldly, Unshakenly to brotherhood. That’s it. That’s him exactly. So profound. HE MADE IT. straight to my heart He did.

– HE MADE IT – .

No doubt about that in him I got a friend. A Brother. A Giver. The mentor during the unconsciousness. HE DID IT ALL. YES HE MADE IT. PREVAILED