My smile keeper, day maker
My heart beater, my everything
Today on the 1st of April.
You are born, I thank
The souls that made you
They created the man of the future
They created the father of my kids
They created my future husband
They created you
You are the only star that shines visibly at night
You are the only constellation that makes sense.
You are the vision, the strength, the weakness of mine.
I don’t love you because you are perfect
I don’t love you because you know how to say the right words
I don’t love you because you clean up nice
I love you because your smile warms my heart.
I love you because, with you, everything feels right.
I love You, undescribably but amazingly
You are awesome, you are a caregiver
You have to love Rhulani, you can keep up with people’s insults, I can’t, I don’t know how
To do it
You are one in a trillion
You are one in a billion
You are one in a million
You are unique
You are prosperous
You gave Me new life
One year added to your current year
Years are going
Our dreams are fulfilling
I hope you know that you
Are stuck with me
I’m in your destiny
You are in mine
I love you.