Gone but not forgotten

Your memories are still with me

I may not remember your face, your smile, and your voice

But I know the love you had for me

You may not be right here with me at the moment

But I know spiritually you are right next to me

You may be far to protect me but not far from my heart

Because I know you are now my guardian angel

You have been away from me allows you to protect me

It allows you to take care of and protect me better than when you were to be around

You know why?

Because your spirit is always with me

Those who know you say we almost look alike

Of course, we are, you are my mother after all

Well I don’t know much about you

But the love you had says it all

Now Mom I am asking you to show me the right path

I am asking God to remind you, you left a child behind

I sometimes wish to hear your voice saying all will be good

Even if it’s just for a little

Momma, I know you had dreams

That you wanted to achieve

I know you had dreams to fulfill but you didn’t

Because God remembered you

Dear Mom some of the dreams I am willing to achieve them on your behalf

I am not promising all of them but some of them mana

I ask you to be with me all the steps of the way until I reach the finishing line

Continue to rest Mama until we meet again

Gone soon but will never be forgotten