Some individuals will make you go mad,
Taking advantage of you when you become sad,
Remembering the times when I used to be glad,
Glad to devour the scrumptious memories of the glam.
Where did things go wrong?
I used to be so strong.

Well I guess individuals won’t know
Until they have to go and concur
Without the quintessence of feeling low
With the awarding of a trophy of failure.
Energised by the over bleeding heart,
Being the front horse to pull the cart.

Affected by bearing the world at shoulders
A long side the crash, bang and smash by boulders.
Demolishing the erection of my attempt,
Workings of the past decades of trying to tempt
Those who have misplaced their confidence
To emerge from behind fear and claim independence.

Elevated expectations eventually eroded.
Bubbles bursting, burning my bladder brutally.