The orange haze of the sunset

Food for thought

Food for the mind, body and soul

The dancing trees

To the hummingbirds

The fresh breeze that eases a day’s works for the soul

A hot creamy coffee with cookies and blank pages on the side

The purposeful motivation for writers to pour out the juiciest of stories

The sunset

A blissful harmonious view

Sometimes I wish the sunset would stay a little longer

Sometimes I want to my mind could take pictures

The orange haze of the sunset

My inquisitive eyes gaze at the sky as the clouds disjoint each other.

It is a time when God opens the heavens gate for the guardian angels of the night.

They were singing symphonic songs with a message saying.

The sun will rise, and we will try the next day again

The view is pleasantly amazing

Astonishing in a way that it makes you want to pause the moment

I normally get lost in the moment

Your soul dies in the sunset

But somehow, it resurrects as a beautiful burning star

God is a beautiful painter

A silent painter

Although reality has its blood red sky

The sunset is a reminder that there is always a happy ending

Orange haze

Perfect days

Music plays

My mother prays.

I don’t fall prey

To the devil’s foolish ways

Just like Jesus died for us to have eternal life

The sun dies every night to let the moon breath

And paint life on the dark sky

God is a beautiful painter

A silent painter.