You have brought joy into my life

You have made my eyes wide open

You have made me understand life

You have made me learn to love myself

You have made me care more

You have made me realise things


I am so blessed to have you

My best friend I will always be with you

I will always love and care for you

I found you and I found love

It’s been months since our love story began

And I know through my journey to success,

You will always be by my side.


I know you will make my future bright

Being friends with you is special

You are precious to my heart

And thank you for not stopping to believe in me.

Thank you so much for your interminable love

Thank you for being artless and actuating me

You’ve inspired me on doing better

You’ve inspired me on being better .


I thank God for making us meet

I’ve never met someone who loves me like this

I’ve never been loved unconditionally like this

I’ve never been loved wholeheartedly like this

I’ve never been loved like this.

You’ve loved me with my flaws

Accepted me as who I am regardless of how I am

Thank you for everything you’ve done for me

Thank you for your everlasting love You’ve given me

I am grateful for everything