Don’t you dare act as if you know how it’s like to be raised by a single parent because you don’t, I do. Just stop empathizing with me it makes me angry. I don’t need your pities. Just stop please.

I’m fine can’t you see? Do you see something wrong with me? No, right? Because I’m whole just like any other person. Stop thinking I’m no better than those who were raised by both parents.

I was born out of wedlock. I am a love child. Am I a sin? No. I was conceive by teenagers does that mean I’m a mistakes? Does that mean God made an error for allowing me to grow in my mother’s womb for nine months until she gave birth? So just stop judging, I am a blessing. Just stop please.

So if you see your life perfect well good for you but just stay out of my business. Stop please, just stop, I’m also human. When did my business become your concern? Why are you so drawn to my business? Is my life that interesting? Please stop! Stop putting your big nose where it does not belong.

Don’t you ever get tired of meddling in my life? Can’t you see you’re ruining my confidence or maybe that is your purpose to see me leading a life full of sorrows? Please just quit slaying me with your gossip.