Friendship is a beautiful thing
Especially having a small circle of friends
It’s rare to find good friends
Lately you’d think someone is your friend
But they are gossiping about you
And stabbing you at the back

True friends are those who have your back
Those you say nice things about you in front of you and behind your back
Those you can trust
Those you can be your true self around
Those who bring out the best in you
Those who notice your silence and not just your laughter
Those who care enough to ask “what’s wrong” when they see you are not yourself and not those who’ll ask out of curiosity and just to go and gossip
Those who are able to turn that frown on your face into a smile
Those who keep your secrets

Trust friends don’t judge each other
But they support one another in everything
They are overprotective
They’ll love you no matter what or how things end up between you two
Instead of hating you when or if the friendship ends
They’ll whole heartily congrats you when you achieve something
Instead of being jealous of your success
They won’t listen to rumors
They won’t use you for their own benefits
If they know you are wrong they’ll tell you
If you’ve hurt or offended them
They’ll tell you
They won’t let pity things or people getting in between you two
They’ll never let you be lonely

The beauty of friendship is the comfort you get from each other