They pretend to be with you when things are still fun and warm, let things go west you will see them going north. They pushed me into doing things that even now I don’t believe it’s me who did that. I’m even ashamed to call myself a human, even to look in the mirror is a disgrace.

My soul, it’s crumbled by bad advice, the mistake I ever did it’s to act upon those advice. I thought it will help not knowing it will destroy me. Now I feel down, I feel like I have sinned unto the lord, ooh yes I have sinned. Where was my humanity before I did what I did, where was my kindness, all that I was thinking of was for that moment forgetting there’s a tomorrow. 

Now I have to face the actions of my death, I feel like I can write a text or approach you and say how sorry I am but it’s not that easy. I know I made you go through a lot but please forgive me, it’s the love I have for you that made me do what I did.

I hope one day you will forgive me and be friends coz I don’t wanna lose you, you mean a lot to me, even though you don’t feel anything for me, it’s okay, don’t force things.