Doomed with the emotions of the heart,
Can’t choose who my heart could love but if I had a choice
You would not make the list
Embarked on a journey to find myself
But I find myself drawn to the desire of loving you
Why can’t I be the one to control who I love
Why does it not make sense
All I want to do is to forget you
But I find myself yearning to be in your arms
To feel your lips on mine
Your scent lingers in my cerebrum
And your memories live
And play a movie every chance they get
At times it feels like I have let you go
Then I find myself thinking
Imagining a future with you
And then reality strikes
And I find myself crying
A sea of tears
Filled with love for you
Why do I see you before I close my eyes
Why do I see you with my eyes closed
Why do I feel your presence even when I am alone
When all I want to be is alone
The heart plays a treachery on he that keeps to himself
If only we had a delete button
To be able to forget
The people that hurt us
Maybe I would delete you
But yet I find myself loving you
When all I want is to do is hate you
Believe me I am filled with rage
There is fire in my veins
But all this, is a rage of love
The fire of being forever yours
Yet u can’t even pin point my existence
Do you even know me?
Do I even cross your mind
Or am I just one of those?
Don’t mind me
For I have walked this broken hearted road before
I almost never made it
Yet I came out stronger
And despite the pain that cuts through my heart
All I want is to be forever yours