I’m here extremely concerned
Overthinking roughly of what you are enduring,
I wonder if I will ever have an opportunity to feel your deepest suffering,
Because that is my longing to share your pains…
But it seems like my yearning will never be accomplished.

I am here folding my pointers,
Staring above the skies expecting to find answers to my million darkest questions…
But all I observe is a beautiful blue sky, with all sort of cumulonimbus and nimbustratus cloud moving as I peek at them.
And I wonder if is that you behind them,
I wish you will come down to hold me tight as it rains.

I am here tallying every wink,
With a cellphone on my hand, lingering for you to text me and notify me that soon you will be here with me…
I hear a pitch in my ears of a phone and I imagine talking to you with so much excitement.

I am bordering people about your where about,
Because I have no idea where you disappeared to
But I just hope you will quickly return
Though I don’t know when,
But I am quite sure you will…
For I know you will never vacate without announcing farewell.

I am here wondering if you ever think of me wherever you are.
And I hope you will check on me if you really do,
Because what I think we have is beyond estimate.

I am here, going crazy every day, because I can’t get hold of you…
Not only that, but I am losing focus to everything I pinch,
because all I think of is you.
Likewise, I wonder if you are safe!
Furthermore, I am bleeding from the inside because days are getting more and more without your return.

I know you hurt,
But how are you going to survive without someone like me next to you as your shoulders to cry on…
I know you are struggling…
But how are you going to conquer if the most things you need to be strong,
you have left it behind,
I hope you will realize you are safe here with me..
And return back in my wings.