Thy heart is hugged by cold.
After a long haul of kissing genes of forbidden love.
Vengeance strikes under the bleeding sun.
After days of crying night skies.
Skies that cried for a relief from toxic evaporated blood.
Blood of pawns vomited by pricking grounds.
Smell of decomposed love teared the soul apart and buried it in the alley of ghost’s and ghouls.
As death stroked his neck he ran to escape the shallow grave of illicit love.
And swore it’s better for his heart to be an orphan.
Thee got sober after being chased by a shadow of crippling love.
Love that blinded the sight of owl eyes.
Why do we constantly kiss the devil’s forehead assuming it’s an angel’s crowned head.
Leaving us unable to find a compass for thy eroded life.
Love that buries dignity in mud.