These here are unspoken words from my heart;
Not an inscription but flowing from the arteries within my bosom…
The flashbacks of the time I longed for,
the time I saw in my dreams are
replaying like crazy in my thoughts.
If only time could stand still,
I’d hold on to the hypnosis of your eyes,
the thrusts, the abstract air you breathed.
I still marvel at the mutual understanding,
the sanity of minds and souls;
To not question what is transpiring,
to not give it a name even;
But to indulge in whatever it is,
even though we’re not lovers nor friends.

I’m gone away with a part of your makeup;
Your memory is now installed in the
archives of my heart, in the banks of soverniers I treasure the most.
Now I am not to do much,
I am not to expect much,
But sit with my thoughts of you.