From a deep sleep I wake up
From the unconsciousness state I take step
meanwhile i can feel the combinations of rotations I’m rolling
that’s ludicrous

See the syntax of my floor house has no concave
but I can feel hollow under me that’s absurd!

Okay consciousness come back to me now
I’m wide awake its compos mentis i realize
I see the colour blue
is this the sky, heaven, firmament am I floating? Oh yes
I am, I can even see my angel now its divine intervention
See I’m reinvented in this nation
Its Eden its Utopia its so perfect
See previously i panicked but I prevailed the fear when i saw water turning to wine

My hand it tremble, it tremble, it cracks when I want to touch the mighty door
its so far from my reach
See with my hand from up here i feel like i can turn mountains into HAARP ways and rearrange landscapes

Oh I hear a voice from the other side of the do God is that you?
Arg!! I was dreaming