Still searching for the light I hope I’ll find .
I am a strong African women with power , fearless and brilliant .

Finding my place in Africa ,
My place is where love is believed to be true ,
Where love leads .

My place is where hope is spread ,
knowledge is shared
and love is felt .

Africans are valiant and seeks no revenge ,
I also belong , belong to the places that people dwell in believe that love is the only map that leads to the greatest destinies of life ,
Without it , there’s no survival .

Men and woman hold hands and makes sure that no one is left behind
Together they move , face struggles , they still move with the hope of finding the light ,
When they stand ,
They stand strong and deal with the vicissitudes .

Irrespective of the atrocities that they may often find themselves in , they have proved themselves to be resilient .

My place in Africa is where the people understands that the struggle is not meant to last .

They are not afraid of failure ,
They keep on trying ,
Africans are not ashamed of learning ,
But ashamed of being hopeless .

They uplift and treat one another with respect .
The spirit of perseverance is what they spread from one generation to another .

Their hearts are pure and not cold ,
Wings of love are spread ,
So all those who have lost hope may regain it .

They are like the sun that rides and brightens earth , so that everyone may see the light .

That is where my place is , and I belong .