I am full of tears in my eyes as I pour my soul into words
I am judged by the world
Crucified by the words
They dig me on the inside like a gold mine full of gold
All they seek is the bling but do not see the empty void

I usually smile a lot but only to avoid being asked why I’m so sad.
People always do what they feel is right for them at that time
Not realizing that what makes one happy is horror to the other.

In life I’ve leaent that its not all bout what you have or what you want. We make sacrifices by going all out to make others happy but just like two hands on a person’s body one cannot do what the other can

So there will always be things that seem to come over us but the good news is that no matter how imperfect you are there’s always a role for u to play.
By making it into the world you already a winner.