I’ve known you for two years and few weeks.
I’ve loved you with everything in me for all those years and weeks.
Everytime I think of you my heartaches.
Spirit, breaks.
I loved you the first time I layed my eyes on you.
Not a day goes by without me thinking of you.
Everytime I see you I wish I could just hold you.
Hold you tight and pour my heart out.
Tell you how much “I love you” and that someday I wish to make you my wife.
I am a guy I’m not perfect, but I swear to God I’m not trying to fuck with your feelings.
When I look at you the future seems so bright.
I see the mother of my kids.
I wish it was possible to give you my heart, so you understand how I feel.
We all not perfect, please show me your scars, your flaws and tell me the worst stuff you have done.
I swear non of those would change how way I feel.
Soze ztshintshe even change the way I look at you.
Like I love you with both my hands, my arms, my brain, my heart, my soul, my life.
My hands – to wipe off your tears, touch you Everytime I get a chance.
My arms – to give you a warm hug, comfort you when you feeling sad, sick, cold or happy.. so non of these guys can get a chance to say they’re there for you and ride on my lane.
My brain – I think of you every second of the day.
My heart – my heart beats faster whenever I see you or hear your name.
My soul – I’m still looking for cables to connect our souls so we could share every happiness and sadness, with our souls connected I believe, nothing can break us.
My life – I want to share the rest of my living with you, do everything thing I do with you, be my light in the dark.
This how deep this thing is.
Honestly I’m not even sure if these words make sense.
I’ve been searching for perfect words to express my feelings.
But couldn’t find any, so I mixed and matched words I came across.

I so hope this makes sense.
I wish I was brave enough to say these words to your beautiful face.
Pity I’m not, but I promise to keep every bit of these feelings safe.
So that whenever we ready, I would just take them out, give you love, happiness and peace.
I started writing this that day we first met.
I’m really sorry it took me so long to finish it.
These feelings are feeling you.
This a flower from me to you.