Fear is dark; there is no light in it,
Fear is ugly; there is no beauty in it,
It is not smooth; is rough,
It is monster; yes monster I say,
Atrocious; not nice to enjoy,
Fear is power of oppression;
Is the manipulation of mind;
Disbelief in oneself, total skepticism.

How can you claim to love me?
While putting fear in my heart;
You put pressure on me, but you love me;
You don’t value my integrity, what a strange love;
You tell me to loosen up a bit, but you said I am nothing;
I am afraid of you, how can I honestly love you?
Fear is consuming me to the end of my toes.

Children are afraid of you, as you claim to be a loving parent;
Peace evaporate when you show yourself,
We fear your footsteps, because it moves with strange spirit.

What kind of leader are you?
Who inflict people with fear?
Fearing you? No! I can’t even imagine it;
We were so pleased, hearing the best news ever;
That you are our new hero, we thought;
Misleading our hearts, minds and souls;
Our jobs rent asunder, dawn of our new era;
Schools shut down, like nothing happened,
Schools become destitute, desolated land they converted;
Politicians upsurge against terrains;
Kingdoms raise in contradiction of other;
My little brother beaten badly in terror;
No Street walking! They said…
Death of innocent freedom of criminals;
Our world turns to be the jungle,
Five steps forward, hundred steps back wards;
Death is normalized, tell me what is it?
Blood shedding is the talk of all corners,
Cry our beloved land.

Marrow tried up, bones shakes and crack;
Whose fault is it? They ask;
Go tell it on the mountains, over the hills and everywhere;
Chest block, trachea itchy, I can’t swallow, I am in pain;
Nose bleed, blur vision, fear of death become real;
I know this; I can help you, so; say the witch doctor;
Fear paralyzes our beloved world, where to hide?

My dignity is gone, respect we are told to forget it;
This is the old dragon that paralyses the world;
I saw it in vision years ago; they said I am crazy;
We pull to left only when we lost direction;
Feel chased by unknown spirit,
Foreign as running away from self;
We live for today, asking: what tomorrow will bring to us?

Hopeless, visionless, powerless, we are humbled really;
We know, so what?
Who is freeing us?
Dreams are things of the past;
Fear rules, but who?
Fear, that terrible disease, infection that cripples,
God! Please help us see through eye of a needle;
What do we fear really?