What did I do?
Did I deserve the heartbreak that you gave me?
You were the first person to break my heart into pieces without thinking first,
You are the person who let me do insults in the house I grew up in.
Now you acting as if you were part of my life,
Telling me what to do and what not to.
I love you but you’re just toxic to be called papa,
My momma was the only person who was there for me, through everything I went through,
So you wanna decide what I must do with my life.
For your information am old enough to make my own decisions.
Old enough to make my own decisions,
Old enough to explore the world.
Where were you all this times?
When I had to fight battles that I needed you for,
When I need you to protect me from this cruel world.
All I ever wanted was for you to be there for me even in my times of need.
But yet I’m grown and don’t need you anymore.