Something special that happens to my heart every time the angel’s name crosses my mind

I even dream about you at night, Seeing your beautiful face each moment I close my eyes is a day to day experience

I’ve made peace with it. the fact that your smile cracks bottle’s on my chest. I’ve always knew my heart belongs with somebody. If who that was it came sealed, Not known till I met you.

If this is how it is, feels to be somebody loving you then I am afraid to be Yes I am

– Falling for you –

You cauptured my heart. Took my attention. I’ve never seen an angel before. Now can I get closer to you, Can I kiss you , Can I Can I. Because now I can feel what love should be like.

You, only you can fill this gap in my. This secret place belongs to you. Come, Ohw yes hold me tight get on closer and closer, everywhere I go now they know me as this crazly in love somebody who longs for your love. Your purified skin like an infant with this fresh aroma really gets me floating with deep imaginations

Absolutely Knowing somebody like you is the best thing that ever happened to me. Sometimes I smile on my own that got everybody thinking I am running crazy but I know you there with me. Even if your body is not but my thoughts are there with you all times.

You the Doctor that mends this soul and heart. Your touch, rubs smoothly, completes my day and night.

look I swear, Angel. I am FALLING. FALLING FOR YOU would you catch me.

DONE !!!