Fake friendship is like a disease,

causing lives to cease,

Because of it, many are deceased.

Somebody wise once said

A word “friend” end 

with the word end.

Let me take you back,

It was when a friend introduced a friend, in the name of friendd.

Little you didn’t he is a drug dealer

He is a human trafficker.

He is hop lifter.

She is prostitute.

They said let’s do it once.

Your once became your entering  

and never the leaving.

The word “once” faded with time.

Friendship has an expiration date.

That friend will flabbergast you one day 

That friend will backstab you one day.

Don’t do things because you want to please friends

Stay true to yourself.

Don’t lie to them and yourself

in the name of pleasing them friends.

Don’t loose yourself in the process of wanting to make them happy.

True friends will appreciate who you are, what you do, what you wear.

And what you like.

One rotten potato spoils the whole sag.

Bad company corrupts good character

If it means spending time alone then so be it

Know your worth and

know when to call it quits.

The red flags are there for a reason

And not for a season

To you let it be a lesson.

Let them Go!