This other time I was crying in the bed room and something told me ‘don’t cry’. I stretched my hand to where I was hearing that and just wished it was physically so I hold it.

Yesterday, I wanted to cry but I just couldn’t. A voice again besides me on the bed reminded of the Verses I have been reading in ROMANS; Abraham’s faith. I giggled and did not cry. I just smiled and it made no sense!


It is the absence of faith that we cry over everything. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with crying. The problem is in what you are crying for. WHAT MAKES YOU CRY?
Persecutions and attacks made me cry because I did not have the faith I was supposed to have and did not take into practice the word that I read. I mean, if the Bible says in Jeremiah ‘they will plan but their plans will not prevail’, then why cry over the fact that they are planning?. If the Bible says in Isaiah ‘When the time is right I the lord will make it happen’, then why cry over provision? Why not just believe it isn’t time!


The man at the pool was not dismayed. He stayed till he got his testimony too. People that came before him were receiving testimonies before him, still he stayed and believed. It was FAITH.

If God has set it that you will receive the Job next year, then you will receive next year! Even if you fast for the Job this year, you are getting employed next year. The time and date has been set.

If God knew about the Season you are in now before you even got into it, it means already he prepared something. Blessings are never given out of the blue. They are there and just waiting for time to catch up. Endure with faith because FAITH IS EVERYTHING.

So, it matters what we put our faith on. To what have you placed your faith? Healing? Deliverance? Jesus?
The faith that works is not the faith in it but the faith in the name of Jesus for it. Not faith in healing but faith in the name of Jesus for a healing. The power is in the name!