It’s time to squash

The beef with myself

I spent a lot of time trying

That I even forgot the important

Parts about myself.

I’m no coward

Facing myself alone ain’t easy

I’m tough outside

Inside it’s a different story.

A simple sorry

Leaves me with no worry.

Besides the fights I’ve had in the past

The fear of facing myself alone still runs fast.

The vow of making them happy

Left me at war with myself.

The need of finding love

Broke the relationship I had with myself

Everything fell apart the time

I thought someone else could make me happy.

Self therapy no longer works.

It’s complicated. I put them first.

I no longer feel the need of having love

I received non. It’s painful.

They all walked above.

I try to find peace.

Everything is in pieces.

I already said words

I can’t reverse.

I already did things. I can’t undo.

Facing myself is still a challenge I fear.

I’m the reason the bond broke.