Within those,
Brown Eyes
rose-gold stars
like scars
Telling tales of 
Seas and wells,
fairly tales and lullaby bells…
Flowing down,
A brown crown
of melodic, sunlit shells
Sparkling, in essence,
and repentance
of a woman
Whom men
like me and man’
more would love 
with glove
to kiss afloat 
Your lipstick salt
and release a boat
On moonlit shores 
bouncing off your pretty toes 
Floating away 
till midday
Above the waves
Of blues and greys 
Within ecstacies of thought
Brought by fantasies of those
Rose-gold lips of yours 
On which,
without glitch
I’d gladly overdose
till August fall 
Between your claws 
And my skin
My chin,
Between your chest 
Our unscrupulous souls,
To the pace, of our boat 
Floating amongst 
Your sunlit face’s  
beautifully tongue-graced
Melodic glaze 
and noon-lit maze
of sea-green Skylights
As our emotional sins
Find ways 
through our caresses 
and delicately soft,
misdirected whispers
towards unconditional flights
of unlabeled plights