I hate the face
It reveals the truth
The face seems to be directly connected to the heart
What the heart feels, the face shows

It’ll be more convenient to hear you speak with my back against you;
I’ll be the judge of the expressions
It will be just like me and a priest during my confessions

The face is misleading.
A smile, could be the death of me
Whereas a mean face could be the reason that I’m living
An enemy is always a familiar but your biggest supporter is a stranger
How confusing?

I barely make eye contact and use “respect” as an excuse
I don’t like being ogled at, it bothers me
You can look but don’t stare, I consider that physical abuse
Because the face shows but does not tell, that worries me

The face is the getaway to ‘quick attachement’
That warm, friendly and welcoming appearance could lead to commitment
From a stranger, to an acquaintance, to a friend
To someone who you want by your side till the end

It’s hard to picture good when you’ve seen the worst
Whether it may be during an argument or losing a loved one
It’s hard coming out of that dark and seeing the light
Man, It’s a really tough fight

The face is everything to a human being
Almost of your sense are there, which gives life meaning…