Friends ,
Friends are your second family,
There are the people you share everything with,
I didn’t know that till now,

Having a friend right then was just for fun,
But now it’s more than just that,
It’s more than just playing,
It’s about getting to know one another,
Sharing life ,dreams ,pains and also out lots.

I grew up having a small group of friends,
But now it’s more than just that small group of friends,
It has been growing,
Many leaving ,others coming,
But I know that from a fact that some have learnt a lot,

There are many things I came to notice ,
Not all friends come to your life to bring joy ,
Some bring hatred to it,
Some come to take something from you,
Some come to bite the hand that feeds you,
But there are those who come to learn ,love and be there for you,
Those are the good kind of friends ,
The good kind of friends I want .