DAll was enjoyable i understand the reason behind your pregnancy
Although i never understood why i got dumped in a trash of dumping site
Dumping site where rates and dogs eat and sleep
Courage you had to leave me there to die ! For what i wonder now as i am 19 years wow
Don’t you think you where once a little as i was the you dumped me
Was it because of financial problems or you just did not want to have me as your child
Now i am rich in mind because of him my father ohh ok my stepfather who sow a need for him to take me away from that place you dumped me to
Never to blame anyone but why !?
Who convinced you to just do that horrible thing
Now i am a man and not just a man but a grown one
Now i understand what need to done in life of enjoyment childhood life
Yes you taught me alot in your absence
Never understood why didn’t you use a protection just to prevent being pregnant!!!?
Dont you regret dumping me in a trash
I know you mother but you dont know me because you think i was eaten or maybe got killed by those rats
No i am alive
Alive to even give you a lift to town but you dont know

“Live to plan your future ”