I would have told you

Given a chance but,

You always push me away.

You could have known

What’s breaking me into pieces

Only if you had given me a chance

I needed a shoulder to cry on but,

I found none, while mine is full of

Tears as I kept comforting those

Who never really cared about me

I would have told you

Given a chance to but

You seemed good at pushing me away

Those who seemed to know me where

Never there when I needed them

Come hole and cave me in

As nothing of mine is left in this world

Crying out loud

Your pretend could have done

There is so much change in my life, but

You never really cared

I wonder where was your Ubuntu

When I needed you to show me the humidity

Touch,feel, see, smell, tell me that I do matter and

Most essential, to hear me as I cried for help

Please help me, help me !! I am drowning