Leader’s are visionary dreamers.
They dream with eye’s open and closed.
Just like when see an African Kings dream.
Their dreams rise like a giant to blow patroits whissle.
It’s sound echoes on top of African mountains.
Colour’s the whole Nation with an economical freedom.
Leading he Nation to where honey rule.
Covers the Nation with cloud of glory.
Building up the broken puzzle of the dream Nation.
Healing our Nation with wealth.
Caltivating the whole Nation with kindness, love and peace.
Water the whole Nation with ambitions desires.
Mitigating the “makoya” potential, movers, shaker’s, driver’sand change agent.
Carry the Nation with with truly delivery.
Role play your stability, accountability, huminity, engagement, integrity and dignity.
Serve our Mzansi with pride and love.
Serve is with equal opportunities.
Take us to Mzansi we once dream about.