Every pain goes to the heart ,
Every sadness go to the eyes ,
Feeling i can’t get over ,
I lost my diamond without my permission
That broke me and destroy me ,
Everyday i live with a guilt in my heart

I always say what if and what will ,
I’m sad i have been trying to get over it but it’s can’t
How can i forget?
When it’s still hurt the most ,
I was a scandal
I thought i will shine like others who shine about there diamond

I lost the chance i always ask myself
What did i do wrong to deserve this
I was so young
I thought by moving on everything
Will be owk but no it’s started to be worse
I lack in my relationship
I lack in my Friendship
I lack in my school work
I lack at home
But i always try to be happy
Every though sometimes my happiness become a river of the tears
Today I’m fallen

It’s never easy now that i have grow up i gained a lot of angry
I’m angry at my self
I should’ve defended my self
I should’ve try Something
But i didn’t i wonder
Why ?
I ask my self questions that know one can answer me

Right now I’m lonely
It’s not easy i did everything that will help me to forget i lived trying to move on i lived but deep down I’m broken
Now I’m realise that for 17 years of my life I’m still living in my past
Of the things that happen
Losing a diamond and got bulled

I’m ready now to start over because
I finally forgive my self and forgive those who hurt me
Starting a new journey it’s never easy but i hope that it will be better for me
Even though it can’t forget about what happened but I’m happy to start my new journey

This peom is about a bulled & raped child that lived in darkness faking her smile in order to forget what happened she finally realised that all this time she was living on her past she is now decided to start over and take a new journey
In life you need to learn to forgive yourself in order to find happiness.