You know I always wished that someone will love me unconditionally but things didn’t favour me because I always felt like I am forcing things. When I met this guy I thought I met my soulmate but things changed when I started to feel like I don’t need him. When I was about to break up with him he always cries so I feel guilty and apologise and never break up with him but that changed when I learnt that I should think about my happiness. I decided to tell him to stay away from me because I don’t love him but he is forcing me to love him but I can’t do it.

With time I learned to stand up for myself even though my life was in danger because of him. I told myself that no one will force me to love them. Because it is not something that you can force but something that you feel from the inside and a feeling that makes you happy.

Don’t force love where it doesn’t belong.
Anyways love is for everyone to feel not to force it.