I’m the best 
I don’t care what the rest do 
Ain’t gonna fix the shit 
Ain’t working and didn’t break 
I gonna live my life 
The way I want 
I will put myself first 
Every day and every time 
I gonna move back 
When what I want is no longer served
I will accept me 
Flaws, strengths and weaknesses
I gonna focus on my goals 
They will come first 
I gonna trust my gut and feelings 
I gonna trust the energy I’m served 
I gonna move away from toxic people 
I gonna start looking after myself and my feelings 
I gonna focus on myself the most 
Because I need me, not anybody 
I am strong cause I’m not a nobody 
I am confident cause God is with me 
He loves me, he knew me before I was born 
He made Pearl and nobody is like her 
He wonderfully made me 
I am somebody I am unique 
I do me!