We are a lost nation,
I dare to mention,
We are a depressed generation,
That’s not defamation
Jealousy burns us with inflammation,

Lord have mercy,
We are witnessing your prophecy
World turned upside down is a mess,
Men can even wear a dress,

Did you really hand us to devil,
People are wicked and evil,
Is this a season of evil?
Or it is your own will?
Perhaps we are settling a bill.

Social media became competition arena,
We are indeed living in evil youth erra,
Bullying has become a comedy,
It has no preventative remedy,
To stop it no one is ready,

A cellphone is a remote control of a human’s life,
That’s why we lost innocent young lives,
Sharing depressing acts of people’s lives,
Rest in peace to Lufuno,live internal life,

Rest peace is a trending word,
Congratulations is still unknown word,
This is the end of the world,
Crime pays more than a hard work,

School uniform lost its dignity,
Rest in peace 1976 16 June youth,
Your bloodshed was for a purpose,
Education was once a weapon against poverty,

Now to fight poverty our sisters must get naked,
Now to fight poverty our brothers have to pay,
We are a depressed generation,
Prisoners are innocent people,
Money is above the law.

Fallen heroes fought for freedom,
They defined the meaning of democracy,
We are living a free demonstration,
Claiming we know a freedom,