I never thought someday I’d see the positive side of it

Never in my life did I ever imagine myself wishing such for anyone

Hence its been said that “No One Is Perfect”

But what kind of father figure are you?

How does a father get hard on his own blood?

In your child you saw a woman

Your conscience couldn’t even stop you

I’m still lost in thoughts about your deed

To think that I looked up to you when growing up

You were once a great role model

But all that has changed

You’ve rinsed all the love into the gutter

Now I’m constantly on my knees praying for your sentence to be a unique but painful one

Not even a death sentence is enough to remove the pain you inflicted in me with your deed

I’d chop off your testicles like those bulls in your kraal

Because people like you shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce

Hence leaves don’t fall far from their tree

It means your sons will definitely be like you

Meaning the world would be unsafe for our daughters

Death sentence for rapists, abusers and murderers!