Oh loss of my mom,

It had saps my strength

Out leaving me

Helplessly, weak

And trembling from fear

Of death.

Yet I yearn

To be with her at

The other side of

The stars

No closure

I get

When I map up

And seek answer’s

I need comfort 

To console my heart

I need to hear sobs

Until I rest

I know I’m

Not a first and last

Person for this to happen

To me

But I feel like it’s

Only me

Who dwell

And faces this deep

sorrows of grief.

How do people who

Lost their loved 


Withdraw strength

And handle this to

Move on

I feel trapped

My life without her

Is lust

This world feels emptied

Without her 

With no creature

Left to live in it

I feel left out

Alone and lonely

With no one beside 


No hope

That this pain will

Fade away

It hits me harder

As a needle

No faith

That this pain will


It feels endless

Oh!! I am exhausted

I can’t do this anymore

I can’t take it anymore

It feels like a punishment

This pain is unbearable

It had enslaved my 


It feeds me

With poisonous thoughts

That if I take rest

I’ll be set free from 

This sorrows.