A police like knock on the door
A brick striked a window
It shattered
High pitched voices
Calling “Uphi ! Uphi!!”
“Lona ! Lona !!”
They screemed
Doors kicked opened
They never waited for for come in
They grabbed her from behind
Kicked her tiny small head
Forced her to swallow shit water in gulps
Her screams echoed in vain
They never heed her calls till she fell
Strip off her dignity as if she was some kind of prostitude
She prayed and begged
Appealing to reason to no avail
Instead a hammer fell like rain on her flesh
With their boots they kicked her tiny small head
Her struggle stood still
She was no more
A blooming flower
Forced to wilt unceremoniously
A child whimpered “Mommy” hush my child
Another voice said
Rest Lona rest
Whisper when you reach home
My scars are the only testimony of hurt….
Lala Lona lala