An ordinary day to many,

But has left a young girl with never healing scar

Deeper and even harder to announce its pain

As the spirit of her mother escapes her body

She was glued up on her only coping mechanism

So she looked at her, starred at her and longed for her attention.

Called her, no reply

Moved her body, observed her stomach, her lungs ar no longer in motion.

“Mama vuka uzotya, Mama, Mama ndicela uvuke torho awuzokwazi ukundishiya ndizothini mna?!”

Still no answer

Tongue white, eyes closed, pulse has stopped beating.

The dearest stood over watched her only daughter

Pleading to the rest of the ancestors to bring her back.

OMthimkhulu Amangelengele as the forebears to spare her more years of life.

Mother looked away and left to meet these ancestors for her betterment.

It was painful and heart breaking being looked after by an 18 year old

Left to enjoy the memories of that year

Leaving her 15 days after her 19th birthday, at 14:14 on the 15th October 2020