Dear Womxn!
You are bold
Courageous and
You are an epitome
Of an unbreakable diamond,
Very rare to find,
Very light and kind.

Dear Womxn!
Let no man tell you
That you are worthless
Let no man tell you
That you have to lie down
Only for him to climb on top
And devour you.

Dear Womxn!
Tell the men that
You have more to your name
And being than your body
Tell the men that
You are not a commodity
But you are a great asset
To the community and the world,
Because without you
There wouldn’t be birth.

Dear Womxn!
Tell the men
That you have every right
To own your space in this world
Remind the men that
Without you they would not be who they are
Please! Put them on par.

Dear Womxn!
You are the future of the world
And we cannot wait to see you
Taking your thrones
So men can sit on stones
We cannot wait to hear you
Command respect
Ascend the presidential podium
And address the world.
We cannot wait to see you
Raising your fists up high
In Parliament
Sitting in power and
Making Mama Winnie proud.

Dear Womxn!
We will never get tired of you
We will never surrender to patriarchy
We will never allow the men
To put you down
When you the only suitable place
You have is up.
Lastly! My lovely Womxn
Stand up and pat yourself
Your deserve a standing ovation.