I’ve seen souls in kinds,
Met some like kite,
But you are a walking prime.
The one in the kinds.

Your beauty protrudes sunshines,
Only i can bust all day till nine.
I don’t care of loosing the time,
As long as I can make you mine
Only then I would swim in such lake filled with smiles.

The chino the Lovely,
The curvey the bubbly,
You are my dumbling Kamo
Deep into my core,
you are indulging like that lesson in LO.

What a soul smashy,
What a soul sassy.
Your touch mamacita,
Remind me of the vilour for two my bendita.
Where Kamogelo is a queen far at island of carribean,
So sweet she is that chosen card at bwin, you are a walking Lamborghini.

If I were to choose between chocco, locco and el pocco I would go with you my inferno,
You are the caramel of all flavors, my estabene.
Thee favorite verse of this new testemente.
Can I?
Pretty please take you to thee secret place,
Where you will own me with endlessly,
And maybe my eyes will let go of this shyness.
Yes you my fierce, I so wish to feel your tenderness