You’ve gone through ravines and mountaintops.

You’ve walked the night, but also the day.

You’ve experienced great joy, but you’ve also experienced intense sadness.

And yet, you’ve here, writing this to us.

Life is abstract and that complicates things.

You’ve tried to figure it out but failed miserably leaving you in misery.

You’ve tried to not care and just “go with the flow”, but that wasn’t such a great idea either.

Now you just go about experiencing the pain of numbness (worst thing ever).

You’re alive, well barely, but I guess it’s worth something.

You understand that life is but a fleeting breath that lingers longer than desired…

Yet, in its fleetingness it unravels all that holds you together and threatens to leave you shattered beyond repair.

I’m not writing this letter to motivate you, encourage you or even inspire you but rather

I’m writing this letter to tell you to just be, no expectations.

I do not promise a bright outcome and if I’m honest I don’t know if you even want one.

But Dear Self, in this pit of suffocating darkness we find ourselves in, remember I am here with you, sitting beside you, holding you while you break apart, promising only one thing: to be here until the end.