Dear my lovely children

As you know that I loved you, it won’t be enough if I did not tell you about life as it is.

Life is full of opportunities and difficulties as well. As you grow up there will be some ups and downs.

Just remember all those ups and downs will be temporary, not permanent. Eating meat won’t be an everyday thing until you find a proper job to be able to balance things.

In everything you wish the shortcuts must the on the bottom last on your list as they are always dangerous. I will be sick to see you putting yourself in danger.

Don’t do things to please other people because that will create unnecessary pressure on you. Don’t ever think about what other people will say when you failed. Failing is one of the opportunities life offers for one to learn from mistakes.

Please do away with the suicidal mind as it fixes nothing on any happened mistakes.

Please don’t forget that I love you.