may we have a one-on-one my dear
can we have a heart-to-heart, my love
I will say my part from my deep soul
but I hope u don’t take it to heart
forgive me for all the hurt I caused u
forgive me for all the dirt I brought in
the pain came unannounced instantly
like noisy uninvited guest..without a card
I used all my best tools babes
to try and lessen the pain away from u
but I guess my efforts were not good enough
because still, you remain with a broken heart
every day I try to unbreak it, my love
every minute I’m trying a new trick
to make you feel less hurt n harm
cos ur the only one I have in me
I’m so grateful my dear heart
bcos in the midst of this hurts n harm
u pump me with lots of danones n more
you still give me ur yogurts I don’t deserve
pls be patient with me my skat
I know I’m gonna fix this pain for sure
I know I’m gonna make u happy again
and we will live happily ever after
some say I don’t deserve you at all
but still, you still remain with me pumpkin
but still, you still chose me my skat
I don’t take that for granted at all
never listen to their noise princess
don’t let them come between us
cos me and you got “that thing”
we stick together like Jay z n Beyonce
I’m so damn proud of u baby girl
I’m so grateful ur in my life dear
cos after all the stabs and hurt
you still pump n give me ur jelly fruit
you are always by my sight no matter
you always give me the assurance voice
telling me everything will be okay
and that gives me courage to go on
nothing is broken by ur heart babe
I’m halfway to heaven bcos of you
babe think twice for the sake of our love
I and you are beauty and the beast
I love you my dear heart unconditionally
like Atlantic star you are a star 
my love for you is not a secret love
you give me life without counting