This morning you woke me up to embrace yet another day.
Thats a blessing on its own.
For that Im eternally thankful.
Your grace and favour upon my life is much more than I could ask for.
I know I ask alot, I complain alot, sometimes too much.
Today I just want to thank You, for all that You’ve done for me so far.
Thank you for Your unconditional love and blessings every single day.
Thank You for guiding and guarding me.
Today I pray that You will restore my inner-peace and inner-strength.
To renew my thoughts, to renew my heart and my soul.
So that I only come to You with my problems, my shortcomings and my deepest fears.
Please take away the sadness deep within me, the heartache, the pain that I’ve carried with me for so long.
Release all that’s negative within me, restore my life, restore my self love and restore the old me.
For I am nothing without You.
You are the Almighty God, the Alfa and Omega, the Beginning and the End.
Lord there is none like you.
Let today be the day that I take charge of my life, let me become more independent, let Your will be done Lord.
Let me walk on the path of righteousness, let me hold onto Your hand.
Let me see my life through Your eyes.
God awaken the love which I’ve forgotten. Let me feel Your presence all around me.
Let Your Holy Spirit guide me where I need to go or be.
Make me whole and let me love again.
You know my heart, the depths of my soul.
My strengths and weaknesses.
You know everything about me.
Please forgive all of my sins Lord, cleanse me with Your blood and mold me into what You want me to be.
Please protect everyone I love and that are dearest to me Lord.
Give them strength and the courage to take on every situation.
Guide them if they go astray and love them the only way You can, unconditionally.
Lord I pray this not because I deserve anything from You but because Your grace is sufficient for me. I pray all this in Jesus’ name. AMEN