Will you please do me a favour?

Will you give my greetings to my mother, father, sister and big bro

When you go back to heaven tonight?

Please tell them how much I miss them.

Tell them that life without them has never been the same

Tell them that some days I sit at the dinner table and pretend that they are there

I see them sitting around the table with me the way we used to

I get the smell of the favourite meal mommy used to prepare for us every Friday evening

I can hear how me sis and big bro are singing together

Tell my father that I miss his words of encouragement and wisdom

Tell my big bro that I bought a jacket that looks like his favourite jacket and I put it on

I bought his favourite perfume and put it on

I remember how angry he was when he entered the room and thought that I was wearing his jacket and using his perfume

I heard our voices as we were laughing about it the next day

Tell my sister that the florist accidentally sent her favourite red roses to the house today

Sometimes I cry yeah I break down and cry in the shower until I can’t cry anymore

I take a very cold shower and sometimes I fill the bath with cold water and ice blocks and lay in it

Sometimes I just scream as loud as I can

Tell them that our memories are hurting me so much I’m losing my mind

It hurts so much and I feel so alone even when I’m surrounded by a lot of people

Angel last night I was watching TV and I literally saw them sitting in the room with me

I heard their voices so loudly and clearly

It was not a dream I felt their presence!

They were here!

Oh my gosh it feels like I’m going crazy!

My head is spinning.

This house is filled with our memories we’ve been staying here since forever.

My friend told me to sell the house cause it’s going to drive me crazy one day

Tell my mommy that everything in the house is the same as she left it

I’ve changed nothing I’ve moved nothing

The flowers in the garden is still so bright and beautiful

Unfortunately big bro’s dog died a days after everything

Tell them that it all still feels so unreal I still can’t believe that they are gone forever

I still expect them to show up any time especially at night

You should see how I jump out of bed every time I hear the sound of a car

Then I see that it is only my neighbor coming home from work