You held my hand but hid the thorns they contained
My heart bled with every lie that you told
I chose to see the lie behind the truth in your eyes
In my dreams you belonged to me,alone.
Your stare belonged to me
I would be the only girl that you’d see
And every “I love you.” Would not be out of pity.
Silly me,
Did I really think that you’d see me?

You tore me apart with the very teeth I gave you,
The promises you had made were see through
If I had looked really close I would’ve seen the real you.
You loved me,I loved you
No,I loved you, yet you loved YOU.

You wanted a promise that I had made to God to be broken,
So you could leave both my savior and I *BROKEN*?
Hell itself shudders at the sight of your coldness.
One text would have been enough,
Why couldn’t you tell me that you were out of love?

The sight of you could’ve been enough to break me,
Instead God laughs at the thought of you thinking you ended me!
I thought you knew better than to mess with the daughter of the Most high?