Sadly I must confess
for the thought of you
which once helped me sleep at night 
now burdens me obsessively 
For even though you were once my remedy
whenever I had Amnesia 
you’ve now become my sleepless night
As those 
portraits of your golden smiles,
which were once displayed adjacently 
behind my silent eyelids,
now push roaring rivers of anxiety 
within my very veins
poisonously towards my fading heartbeat
whenever flashbacks of you hijack my pillow
and drown my mind in a river of thought 
which cynically flow from a fountain of truths 
when a cage of insecurities 
blocks my heart from accommodating you 
and my mind from pulling you 
beyond a treadmill of jagged questions
piled up by my regrets and failures 
towards telling you how I truly feel