They don’t tell you when they first give you the
keys that this thing can kill you.
In your twenties potentially life-threatening
situations were often seen as
a source of great amusement.
Now that you’re older, those same situations are
reason enough to give you the chills.
In your youth, you tend to be more impulsive,
emotional, and prone to taking more risks.
Being older means thinking things through,
weighing up your options, and being horrified at
the thoughtless actions of your youth.
Driving around in your youth without a particular
destination was fun
-any excuse to jump into the driver’s seat.
As you approach your forties, you quite happy to
park the car in the shade and put your feet up all day.
When you are young, having a car means the ability
to do what you want when you want.
Getting older means starting to view a vehicle
as a deathtrap versus a symbol of freedom and independence.
In your youth, you repeatedly revved the engine for
no particular reason.
In adulthood, you are well aware of the price of petrol,
and suddenly such things are not necessary.
But above all else, as a mature adult,
you suddenly realise that this thing has the potential to kill you.