Did I ask you to approach me the first time you saw me? Did I ask you to tell all those sweet nothings? Did I hold a gun to your head in order to stay with me? I didn’t do any of that but still, it’s my fault that you cheated or so you say. Why didn’t you just let me go when you found out that you’re not into me anymore? Now I’m to blame because you chose to cheat on me. Everyone is judging me because I wasn’t willing to give you another chance. “Everyone makes mistakes” is what the people said. I agree but you made your mistakes knowing how much it would hurt me. Because of you, I have trust issues. Because of you, I’m unable to let anyone in. Even though you have broken my heart I still want to thank you. Thanks to you I’m stronger. I got to discover my strengths and also my worth. Yeah, you did show love but too much of something sweet causes pain. There is a thin line between love and hate, that’s a saying I once heard somewhere and I didn’t know what to make of it but now I understand. Just like you can love someone deeply, you can also hate a person with passion.