Can I be your home?

The place you run to after a long day in a crazy sad world.

Where you feel safe and secured.

Can I be your peace ?

I will calm your anxious mind and heart.

Can I be your healer ?

I will heal your broken heart & all the pain you try to hide.

Can I be your ear ?

I will listen when you want to be heard.

Or your silence ?

When you can not utter a word.

Can I ?

Be your shoulder, to cry to.

Be the sunrise,in your long night.

Be the river,in your dessert.

Be the fire,in the cold to warm you.

Can I…

Can I love you?

I will love you..

Like how I wish to be loved.

I will always choose you.

Like how I wish I was chosen..

I will climb any mountain,

I will Cross every river for you !

Can I hold you in these arms forever ?

Can I ?

Be yours forever?