Once upon a time,

a girl had it all

but deprived of the ability to walk.

Friends seemed to be her greatest enemies,

Because they had built a wall between her and ecstasy.

Every day at school,

tantrums she received on a golden platter

left her cornered in the forest of death

And tortured her soul out of her body.

Bullying must end, especially at schools.

It offers no gain but instead creates pain,

Almost everyday

Daughters, sisters, and mothers pay with their lives.

We may be different

But we should be one, just like the rainbow.

If you witness bullying,

Speak up

Don’t keep quiet.

If you don’t speak, then who will?

Take the first step forward.

And the universe will follow in your footsteps.

It’s time to create change.

Therefore lead by example.

It’s time to settle scores with cruelty.

Let’s raise our voices as one.

And say.